Something I learned recently

So, I know you’ve all been waiting for my next top tip, well this one is quite a fresh one! Recently I have been working on my sleeping patterns to make sure I am getting the best quality sleep in order to function to my best ability.

Well there are a number of things I have implemented which I really recommend you all try.

First of all – go to bed at the same time and wake up at the same time everyday. This helps to get your body clock in order. It means you fall asleep better and sleep better as your body is used to be sleeping at the time. It really does work.

Second of all – do a 5 minute muscle relaxation exercise just before you get into bed. This could be mild yoga or just general stretches. This helps to relax your muscles and prepares you for falling asleep quickly.

Third of all – make sure that your room is well soundproofed and light is blocked out. You want to replicate a quiet cave. This makes sure you have no distractions or anything to wake you up early.

Implement these three and you will really enjoy the benefits. Sleep is everything people!

Becoming more organized

As a business consultant who specializes in improving the business environment, I often find myself engaged in Practice X, the practice of looking at what is, rather than what could be. We have to look at all the different ways I can improve my own environment – the Practitioner in me.

I was interested to find out what the practice of looking at what is actually is. Once you have stepped out the piles of paper that always surround you, and are occasionally flying in your face, you can then look at what you have right now (in this moment) – what is right in this very instant, right here in front of you?

This is where you take a pensive look at your desk, your desktop, your computer screen, your garage, your organized processes and decide what will help you to change the structures that actually support what you truly want; what will have you feeling calm, easy and confident about how you are using your time?

For yourself, for your work, for your future, what things would you like to see in your environment that give you privacy and organizational support?

Having fewer things will actually take you closer to your desired outcome than more things, it’s quality, not quantity.

Make sure yes, there are choices here, but it is not hard work! We have to be deliberately looking at what is.

For example, if you have something vast in the green zone or any zone unless there is the money it is very easy to split yourself up into work and/or play. When you look at what is, you can actually start to use this space more fully, you can start to live and organize your life more active and when you start to talk to yourself this is when you start to make the difference. I am not talking about the film here but it is a brilliant watch if you are interested in watching here is the wiki page green zone.

The act of saying ‘No’ is a freedom and a choice.

The more together we all feel, the more open we all will feel, the more peaceful we will all feel, the more supportive and loving we will all be.

So, what are your feelings right now about your environment?

So, we are not looking at the big picture, but at the moment.

Okay, so what is my first step?

I am going to ask you to make the decision to be pro-active starting now. One of the best lessons I got on this was from a life coach Norwich based Paula Meir. She taught me that if you take action on your desires you can make difference to you and the change for the better in your world.

If you get stuck or have an idea you want to offer – or cost a lot to make it happen. You have to make the decision to do it. Not accept the situation that says I don’t know that I can do it, but, I could organize it and it might just work!’

What you see is what you get!

My blog on life hacks.

Hello, I hope this blog finds you well. My name is Tammy and I set this up because I love to research about life hacks, sometimes reading into the night hence the name me, pc and many nights! Happy reading 🙂